Creating the most powerful Imagery for your audience

In commercial photography, image is everything. Marketing materials demand a decisive message, an unequivocal statement of intent and quality. There is no room for imprecision. This is why Stephen Redfern’s work as a commercial photographer in Manchester leaves nothing to chance. Everything is controlled, the attention to detail is meticulous. Lighting, design and composition work together to reinforce your brand message and increase your market presence.
Similarly, fashion photography must combine time-served skills with an understanding of contemporary tastes. Stephen’s portfolio of work as a Manchester fashion photographer displays market awareness and commercial savvy. Cutting edge and classic fashions are embraced. Texture is revealed. Form is celebrated. Colour is true to life. Taste is subjective, but the quality of Stephen’s Manchester fashion photography is undeniable. Get in touch to learn more about Stephen’s work as a Manchester fashion photographer and commercial photographer.

Current Prices

  • £100 for the first hour and £50 per hour thereafter
  • £250 for a half day of photography
  • £500 for a full day of photography

These are some of the commercial clients that I am currently working with or that I have worked with in the past.