School Photography

Being a parent myself to 2 young girls, I consider photography very important and all those years ago I remember bringing my school photographs back home to my parents, just like my little girls do now, so it was time to do something about this, having spoken to parents about their childrens school photography, they needed a change, so I set about doing something about it, my school photographs are very modern and can include brothers, sisters, babies.. they are posed very naturally, just like my studio shots, I have already covered a pre-school and the response was fantastic, hence being the result now of just sealing a local school this year for all their school photography, I have designed the packages to be very simple and very cost effective, no bookmarks and no keyrings. If you would be interested in asking me to your school for a meeting, I would be more than happy to make an appointment with you, please ring me at the studio on 0120488 6739.